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A fox in the hen house…

The dogs next door were going crazy this morning. A most unusual event so I went to check. A fox had somehow gotten into the hen house and killed ALL the chooks! The fox was still trapped inside. It still is as my neighbours await someone with a licence to come dispose of it.

It’s a sad event. Those chooks used to come into my yard and clean up around my garden. Then in the evening go back to their safe place. Unfortunately, their safe place was not so safe for them last night. The fox managed to climb up the door and squeeze in through a crack and then do its worst.

It reminded me that not all places we think are safe actually are. I’m reminded of something I wrote back in 2016 about safe places. Check it out. Do you have a safe place? A place that is safe from the “foxes” of this life?

Check out “Safe Places”