Sun and salvation make a divine holiday…

Here’s a story that brings back wonderful memories:

Sun and salvation make a divine holiday for fun-seeking souls.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I was part of a team that did the same sort of thing — we camped at Scotts Head, one of the beaches in northern NSW and had special programs for kids and parents. Back then we called them Beach Missions. There were loads of different activities for kids of all ages… lots of laughter, exhausting games, and time for significant conversation. Somewhere in all my stored stuff I have photos and slides of those days. One day I’ll find them and post some of the memories of those days.

One vivid memory from one year is of a cyclone that hit right in the middle of the mission… wild winds, wild rain, and a wild time trying to keep the tents from blowing away. Nobody got much sleep, and no one was injured. Everything was wet through!