Progress Update

Been a while since I gave an update… so here’s a quick one on progress for the retreat.
My house is finished and I’m now living in it. Have been here for 2 months now. Still settling in and I think this will go on for months to come.
The shed/garage up behind my house is now also finished. Today the guys added a cement verge, laid a slab for an annex and made a path to my back door. In a couple of weeks they’ll come back to build the annex itself.
The ground is a mess. We’ve had so much rain that the trucks have churned things up and I now have very deep gouges all over the place. Some time after the rain stops and the ground dries out a bit I’ll need to have a grader come in and fill in the ruts and smooth things out. It’s a right royal mess at the moment.
After all the above is sorted then I can turn my attention to the cabins and prayer room.