Drive On Left, this is Australia

Sign – Drive On Left

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I am just back from a few weeks in Victoria. I was involved in a reflection and prayer retreat training. We had a wonderful batch of participants… all open to the things God desired to do in them and through them. It was a privilege to pray with each.
After the R&P I took a few days to go down the Great Ocean Road… and had a lovely time seeing the Twelve Apostles and other wonderful spectacles of nature. I found it all very refreshing.
I was amused by the signs all along both sides of the road reminding people that in Australia we drive on the left. I guess there’ve been enough problems to warrant the constant reminder to one and all. It has struck me since that we could easily drive on the wrong side of life and have some rather disastrous results as a consequence. The key is to drive on the correct side…
Have you ever thought about what is the correct side of life’s road? God has sign-posted life’s road with Jesus Christ. His love and mercy guide along the path of life. There are many promises to this in the scriptures. He is our only hope for a safe journey.