Road crash victims given homes

Well, here’s some good news in the midst of horrible ongoing suffering for crash victims. Homes are being set up for folk to live in whose lives have been decimated by a road accident.

Where does a person live who needs round the clock care? In a hospital? A nursing home? Where? Now a solution that has some promise of hope for the victims, and their friends and families.

My heart felt a surge of joy that something good was being done to help others. And, my prayer is that this sort of thing would continue and grow, that compassion and kindness would be words that have more and more prominence in our world today. There is so much violence, so much hatred, so much pain, that a good dose of kindness and compassion is needed to change the climate of our country.

Road crash victims given homes by Motor Accidents Authority.

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Battle of Fromelles survivor – ‘Dear Mother, I lost all but my life’

Battle of Fromelles survivor – ‘Dear Mother, I lost all but my life’.

Follow the above link for a wonderful story of letters from the war fronts that revealed so much about a soldiers life and experiences in the 2 great wars. I would like to see them published but expect that many would be of too personal a nature. I am glad, however, to have this glimpse into someone’s heart… a heart that could not give words to what it was like, except perhaps to someone else who had similar experiences.


Progress Update

Been a while since I gave an update… so here’s a quick one on progress for the retreat.
My house is finished and I’m now living in it. Have been here for 2 months now. Still settling in and I think this will go on for months to come.
The shed/garage up behind my house is now also finished. Today the guys added a cement verge, laid a slab for an annex and made a path to my back door. In a couple of weeks they’ll come back to build the annex itself.
The ground is a mess. We’ve had so much rain that the trucks have churned things up and I now have very deep gouges all over the place. Some time after the rain stops and the ground dries out a bit I’ll need to have a grader come in and fill in the ruts and smooth things out. It’s a right royal mess at the moment.
After all the above is sorted then I can turn my attention to the cabins and prayer room.